About imcLEDS

imcLEDS is a leading LED lighting manufacturer and distributor headquartered in the United States. While some LED manufacturers sell thousands of products, we focus on doing one thing well: the T8 LED tube light. imcLEDS delivers you the best T8 LED tube light on the market for the absolute lowest price.


Why the imcLEDS?

Our T8 LED tube lights have many advantages:

  • T8 LED tube lights use up to 70 percent less energy than traditional T12 tubes.
  • T12 tubes are no longer manufactured and are progressively difficult to locate. Lack of supply is increasing the cost of T12 tubes that are available.
  • T8 LED tube lights have some of the highest lumen counts in the industry, providing higher quality lighting.
  • We provide a 5-year warranty.
  • Our T8 LED tube lights are mercury-free, preventing environment pollution that comes from discarded fluorescents. Our lights are eco-friendly and recyclable. 
  • The T8 LED tube is Design Lights Consortium approved. That means that we have one of the best tube lights on the market today. 
  • Only a handful of tube lights have the DLC certification, which ensures you receive the maximum rebates from your power company or the government.



How much could I save?

  • Thanks to the long life of imcLEDS products, you can expect increased savings on maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Energy savings also result from less heat produced by more efficient T8 LED tube lights.
  • A full return on investment should be within 3 years of purchase.
  • Energy incentive programs will likely not cover large-scale and commercial T12 retrofits in the future, as high-efficiency requirements take effect.
  • By upgrading now, you could cut your facility’s lighting costs by as much as 45 percent.


How can I find out more?

Call imcLEDS today at 615.859.4357. Our experienced account managers can walk you through the process of upgrading to T8 LED tube lights and identify your potential energy savings. 


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Need Financing?

Let the light company pay for your purchase! Pay off your loan each month with the money you save on your lighting bill from switching to imcLEDS.